Sunday, April 8, 2018

I am Tia. I am a mom👪, a wife💑, and of course a blogger! I primarily focus on review blogging, bringing you my honest opinion of all sorts of products, places and companies! I work with new companies and established companies! My posts are not paid, and they are honest!
I am a Libra . I am the oldest in my family. I am originally from Arizona,🌵 but in 2017, I relocated with my husband and son to Idaho🌲 so that we could be closer to my two stepdaughters! I work full time outside of the home, for a dry cleaners. When I am not chasing my toddler son around, I am blogging! I am finding this is my passion! It allows me to get to try new things and express myself! From time to time my family will help me review products as well. For their privacy I will refer to them by nicknames. my husband I will call D2. The oldest of our kids I will call Tall Child, the Middle will be medium child and the youngest will be small child. 
Some passions of mine are motorcycles! My husband and I both share this passion! We are bikers. I am really big into photography📷, and traveling🌍. We love to camp as a family. I am into fishing🎣, shooting and the great outdoors! I am also a huge nerd! Disney, Comics, GoT, Harry Potter, you name it, I am likely into it! Disney plays the biggest role in my life!! I am a Christian, I will try to be PC about it, but I am who I am. A child of God! You'll have to deal with that. 
I am a no nonsense kind of mom. I am an acquired taste and if you do not like me that is okay too! 
I do hope you stick around for the reviews and join me for the giveaways too! If there is something you want to see me review let me know! Just click the contact me section!! I look forward to hearing from you as we work through all of life's glitches together!!